How do infestations develop?
Infestations occur because bed bugs travel easily. They are transported on clothes, luggage, furniture, personal items or other goods that are moved from one place to another. Bed bugs glue their eggs to surfaces making them easy to be carried from one place to another. Bedbugs are found in luxurious hotels, airplanes, movie theatres and anywhere else that people can be found. 
Treatment for Bed Bugs
We begin by recommending a K9 Bedbug inspection. We then recommend a pest management program that integrates the application of pesticides, the use of steam generating devices, high powered vaccuuming and the installation of encasement materials to prevent future occurrences. Our treatment will be designed to meet the needs of your home and family.
What are bed bugs?
Bedbugs are wingless insects found worldwide that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. Juvenile bed bugs are about the size of a poppy seed. They are clear in color and appear bright red after feeding. Adult bedbugs are about 1/4 of an inch in length. They are reddish brown in color, appearing more reddish and engorged after feeding on a blood meal.  Bed bugs have flat bodies and may sometimes be mistaken for ticks or small cockroaches. When a bedbug bites it draws blood and injects saliva, this can cause itching, swelling or infection. 

How do I check for bed bugs?
Making a positive identification is sometimes difficult. You can look to see if you can identify the fecal stains (rust colored spots) on sheets, mattress seams and boxsprings. Look for egg cases and shed skins in crevices and cracks near beds, on bedframe, mattresses and boxsprings. You should also look at other areas such as under wallpaper, behind picture frames, dressers,  in couches and other furniture, in boxsprings and under mattresses, and even in articles of clothing. They are most commonly found in areas where people sleep. We highly recommend that you call in a licensed pest control technician to perform a proper inspection. 
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